Are you using videos on your website? If not, you’re missing out! Having a video on a landing page drastically improves conversions. I will spare you the statistics (it’s all relative after all and varies greatly), but marketers are unanimous in reaching this decision. 

Video also improves your SEO ranking. How? Since time spent on a page is a ranking signal for Google, the longer a user spends on your website (aka watching your video), the more likely Google will consider your page is interesting and place you higher in the SERP. Magic!

The thing is – people are visual creatures, as the saying goes, an image is worth a thousands words. No need to write an essay trying to describe your product or service anymore. A simple 60-second video will achieve the same result in a much more effective way. 

Videos are so effective in fact, that YouTube is the number two search engine in the world, with more than 1 billion hours of video watched every day. Let that sink in. People would rather watch a video than read a block of text.

So how can you take advantage of that trend? Here are five must-have videos that are guaranteed to move the needle for your business. 

Branding video

A branding video is essential to tell your story to the world, and what your company stands for. It lets you shape the way you want to be perceived by others and lead the conversation in a more favourable light. 

Does your business have a fascinating story or mission that resonates with your audience? Is your business unique or does it have a long-established history? What about your business is memorable? These questions are at the centre of what your branding video should address to immediately catch the attention of your viewers and create a lasting impression.

More often than not, visitors have no clue what your business is about. They need to be educated about you and your business and quickly establish whether your business is trustworthy, and whether you will effectively deliver the product or service promised.

A branding video is the perfect opportunity to answer those questions by creating a connection with the viewer and building a sense of trust by appearing personable.

Example: Snapchat

Why we like it: Notice how the shoot looks almost amateur, with a behind-the-scenes intro, only part of the backdrop in the frame, or the moving camera? The first five seconds are crucial to make the viewer feel that this is not your standard corporate video, but that it’s about to get real.

Demo video

Perfect for complex or category-defining products, demo videos aim to educate your audience about your solution. However, in sharp contrast with an explainer video, a demo video only ‘teases’ your audience, feeding their curiosity by keeping it short with only a handful of key points to share, leaving your viewers asking for more.

A demo video must answer the two most pressing questions of your viewers:

  1. What is this product?
  2. Should I investigate this product further?

To do so, your video must quickly showcase and demonstrate the product, its use and benefits. It’s important here to know your audience well – no point listing all your product’s benefits or going over a lengthy overview of your product, but rather only cover what will truly talk to them.

When creating a demo video, always consider your audience as absolute novice in your field – this will help you ensure you also capture viewers that might miss the technical jargon or experience to fully understand your product, but who would still fully benefit from your solution.

To be complete, a demo video must include a call-to-action at the end of the video (or earlier throughout the demo if possible) to push viewers to take action and investigate your solution further. 

Example: Webflow

Why we like it: If you’re a web designer, you can immediately relate to the hero of the story. You perfectly understand his goal (build an animated website) and pain-points (working with coders). ‘Mini-scenes’ also help to illustrate each point along the way. Finally, seeing the website being designed right in front of your eyes lets you imagine how you as a viewer can also get it done. All in under 90 seconds – brilliant!

Explainer / Tutorial / How-to video

Does your product target a professional audience and require a solid understanding of the product to make a good use of all its features? Explainer videos to the rescue!

While it can also apply to a consumer audience, explainer or tutorial videos help you give your viewers the necessary education to use your product the way it was designed. Broken into several shorter segments, you can create mini-tutorials to highlight specific features and go more in-depth for each one of them.

It goes without saying, but a good explainer video should not be boring or make you feel like you’re back at school all over again. You need to engage your audience every step of the way and keep them interested. To do so, you can use humour, use different locations for each video, or simply appear personable and relatable. 

Common in the SaaS and software world, how-to videos are very easy to pull off, typically combining just screen capture and voiceover.

Example: Brian Dean

Why we like it: SEO is a complex topic that is difficult to communicate through video. But Brian manages to make this step-by-step tutorial engaging from the very first second. He uses a white background to keep the focus on him, but doesn’t hesitate to use props and animations to make it more lively. He also talks directly to the viewer – this is essential to create a bond with the user.

Events videos

Running events regularly is first and foremost a way to engage with your audience in a more personable way. While a website can feel cold, seeing friendly faces at an event makes your company immediately more human. 

Events are also a way to gain social credentials in the eyes of others, by showcasing the overwhelming support and vote of confidence you receive from your industry or the community. Executed well, it will even raise your profile and turn your company into a market-leader that people look up to.

From a marketing perspective, regularly documenting your events with blog posts, photos and videos is also an easy way to add fresh content to your website and show that you are active.

Example: ASX MoneyMe Listing Ceremony

Why we like it: Event videos don’t need to be a play-by-play recap of the night. What’s important to convey rather is the atmosphere and energy that transpired during the event, and to show happy faces enjoying themselves. This video also includes key highlights such as the bell ring and the CEO’s speech that help the viewer understand why this event was important for all the participants. 

Recruiting video

A business is only as good as the people building it. Recruiting should be a daily obsession, and you should always look your best for future prospects. You simply never know where your next recruit will come from. 

A recruiting video is designed to answer the most fundamental question for a future employee: “what is it like to work there?” You only have a short amount of time to capture their attention and make a good impression. Your office culture should shine through all along your video. Do you have a high-achieving culture, or are you quirky and fun? Do you value creativity, or is a good work-life balance more important to your employees? By the end of your pitch, viewers should be able to say if they could fit in your organisation from a culture point-of-view.

Your video should also be the occasion to highlight the values of your company to attract people who are looking for a more meaningful role that they’re currently in. Money is not always the priority of workers, and it can be difficult to convey the reasons why someone should join your company in a formatted job description. 

Does your company offer unique perks? Beer on tap or table tennis? Show your viewers what your office looks like! If your company is remote only, you can go more in depth on how employees lookout for each other, even thousand of miles away.

Example: Listrak

Why we like it: Remember when we said to be personable? Listrak is a family business that values friendship and their employees, and it shows. They share their vision (help retailers with their data) and give you a tour of their office (canteen, outdoor…), all in a fun and light-hearted way – no stale and boring interview allowed!


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